Bath Mural of Himalayan Mountains
Aunt Barb RIP 2020
Ceiling Mural
Abstract Narrative
Urban Jazz Abstract

Studio 253 also offers custom pieces of artwork to finish off your home or business.



KE5J2677 KE5J2681 KE5J2685 KE5J2688 KE5J2689 KE5J2690 KE5J2692.jpg2 KE5J2693  KE5J2703 KE5J2705 KE5J2706  KE5J2719 KE5J2720 KE5J2725 KE5J2732 KE5J2734 KE5J2748 KE5J2749 KE5J2752 KE5J2753 KE5J2754 KE5J2755 KE5J2756 KE5J2757

3 thoughts on “Art”

  1. Nice to see you finally got this thing up and running. Too bad the scale doesn’t do the finishes the atmospheric immersion I know they have from personal experience. And the Hub looks sharp – I of course like the part I did best, though I’m having trouble finding it.

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